Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin and Banjo Repair

We will tune your instrument for FREE while you wait!

We can replace a single broken/missing string while you wait (cost: $2 & up). Otherwise, we ask that you leave the instrument with us. Most restrings and repairs will be finished the same day or overnight.

FREE estimates are available for any repair not listed.


Listed prices are for labor, and do not include the cost of strings ($7.95 & up) or other parts.

Restring (includes cleaning):                $16 ($10 for ukulele)

Neck adjustments:                                  $10 & up

Set-up/intonation:                                  $25 & up

Pick-up replacement:                             $25 & up

Pot/Switch replacement:                       $15 & up

Input jack replacement:                        $10 & up

Tuning machine replacement:             $5 & up

Saddle replacement:                               $10 & up